Rejected Materials (2013) is a collaborative project with Kevin Dooley (aka. J.K. Bergstrand Doley). The project was presented in an exhibition at at Tiroler Kunstpavillon Innsbruck and consists of a workshop, installation and performance. The sculptures were produced during a communal workshop at Buchsenhausen (see Workshop and DAP), and first installed in our bedroom, so we had to live with the objects and make them part of our routines and everyday life. Some of the material included fruit and vegetable seeds – detritus from our own meals – which also started growing into plants.


When the sculptures and plants had grown together within the frame of the residency, they were presented in an installation. The installation tried to unveil the our rejected materials but also the hidden cleaned out materials of Tiroler Kunstpavillon and Buchsenhausen. Presented as part of the installation was also a monologue. The monologue was a list of material, like one gets after the title of an artwork, but in an expanded sense. In it we tried to cover everything that was included in the production of the work. It was an attempt that had to fail. The impossibility to comprehensively detail everything that went into producing the things in the gallery. It was an attempt to make present what is absent; a bit like conjuring the ghost of the object – giving space to all that was lurking behind out working: our pact, our failures, our embarrassments and struggles (see video for monologue).

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