Enlightenment Hearts (2010-2014) was a group of reading enthusiasts who met once a week to read and discuss an essay of their interest. Reading together was a way of helping each other to better understand the text. Each member was not asked to read the text prior to the meeting, at the meeting we would read the text out loud allowing anyone the possibility to interrupt the reading to comment or ask questions. No one was an expert but together we will straighten out the question marks. 


See PUBLICATIONS for Enlightenment Hearts reading compendiums.

Season 9: The New Season (New year, new food, new text, new style)


15.04.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "The Laugh of the Medusa" by Helene Cixous

25.03.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "The Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges

18.03.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Whitehead and science : from philosophy of nature to speculative cosmology" by Isabelle Stengers.

03.03.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "THE POINT IS NOT TO INTERPRET WHITENESS BUT TO ABOLISH IT" by Noel Ignatiev

25.02.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "The Primary Site of the Affects: The Face" by Silvan Tomkins Affect Imagery Consciousness - The Complete Edition - Volume 1 & 2

18.02.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Towards a metalanguage of evil" by Cady Noland

28.01.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Becoming revolutionary: On Kazimir Malevich" by Boris Groys

21.01.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Who's to navigate and who's to steer? A consideration of the role of theory in feminist struggle" by Cheryl Johnson Odim

14.01.2014 Enlightenment Hearts reads "A Bogus Concept" by Jan Breman

Season 8: Herbs and spices (NOT known as text-mex season)

10.12.2013 Enlightenment Hearts watches "The Little Mermaid" (1968 version) by Ivan Aksenchuk

03.12.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "On objects in choreography" by Andre Lepecki

26.11.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "What is the Measure of Nothingness? -Infinity, Virtuality, Justice" by Karen Barad

19.11.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads the first two chapters of "The year of dreaming dangerously" by Slavoj Zizek

12.11.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Fear of Small Numbers: An Essay on the Geography of Anger" an essay by Arjun Appadurai.05.11.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "When species meet" by Donna Haraway

29.10.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads Darwin and Ontology by Elizabeth Grosz

22.10.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads a Powerpoint presentation by www.polyluxmarx.de (http://www.polyluxmarx.de/en/folien/getting-started.html)

15.10.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads THE SURVIVAL OF KIERKEGAARD’S NOTION OF THE AESTHETIC IN TIQQUN’S YOUNG-GIRL by Aigner. Franziska. 2013

08.10.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads 1. Contrasexual manifesto. By: Preciado. Beatriz. and Harm Reduction as Pleasure Activism. By: Shepar. Benjamin. from the anthology "Queering anarchy". p.101

01.10.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads Reclaiming Animism" by Isabelle Stengers. E-flux

24.09.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads The Eccentric Archive An interview with (Judith) Jack Halberstam

17.09.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads the beginning of Jean-Luc Nancy's "The inoperative community"

10.09.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads first chapter of Elizabeth Grosz book "Becomings: Exploration in time, memory, and futures" chapter 1: Thinking the new: of futures yet unthought. Cornell University press 1999.

17.09.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads the beginning of Jean-Luc Nancy's "The inoperative community" 

Enrollment meeting for season 8: 27.08.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads Communiqué from an Absent Future by: Research and Destroy

Season 7 (Pun-cake season, also known as: Mat-riakatet - SEASON!)

09.04.2013 Enlightenment Hearts has some anti-time and reading "Machinic Desire" by: Nick Land. University of Warwick.

03.04.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "The Order of Things, An archaeology of the human sciences" by: Michel Foucault. Routledge London/New York.

26.03.2013 Enlightenment Hearts are invited for N' LIGHT N' Mint! Hungry for some community reading "Feeling Capitalism: A Conversation with Arlie Hochschild" by: Arlie Hoschild. The Journal of Consumer Culture.

19.03.2013 Enlightenment Hearts had a night full of eggsceptisism, no eggscuses were welcome when reading "Why Bother" by: Angie Keefer. The Serving Library.

15.03.2013 Enlightenment Hearts will have a pockmarked and read "Slow Death" from the book Cruel Optimism by: Lauren Berlant. Berlant. Lauren. (2011) Cruel Optimism Duke University Press Durham and London 2011.

12.03.2013 STUDY TRIP! Enlightenment Hearts goes on a study trip to Index- The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation to watch The Hard Way To Enlightenment by: Stephan Dillemuth 

26.02.2013 Enlightenment Hearts will continue last week trace, eat some GOUDA WORDS - YOU CHEDDAR BELIEVE IT! and watch a "Public feelings salon" with Lauren Berlant, José Muñoz, Ann Pellegrini and Tavia Nyong where they discuss Berlants concept from "Cruel optimism".

19.02.2013 Enlightenment Hearts will for some crewel optimism and read "Cruel Optimism" from the book with the same name by: Lauren Berlant. Berlant. Lauren. (2011) Cruel Optimism Duke University Press Durham and London 2011.

12.02.2013 Enlightenment Hearts will digest some Never-ending Homemade Beancoming food and read "This Job Has No End":African American Domestic Workers and Class Becoming (pp. 23-46) by: Cecilia Marie Rio. From the book: Class and its Others edited by: J. K. Gibson-Graham Stephen A. Resnick Richard D. Wolff.. 

05.02.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Africana Philosophy" by Lucius Outlaw from The Journal of Ethics, Vol. 1, No. 3 (1997), pp. 265-290.

29.01.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads the chapter "The Ideological Tensions of Capitalism: Universalism versus Racism and Sexism" by Etienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein from their book: "Race, Nation, Class Ambiguous Identities". Served with the puncake Wallersteinbergare.

22.01.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads "Between camps: race and culture in postmodernity, An inaugural lecture" by: Paul Gilroy and has some ethnici-tea to go with that.... 

15.01.2013 Enlightenment Hearts reads post-colonial feminism theory in the so called "CANNELONIALS" pun-style: as a starter "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House" by: Audre Lorde and as the main: "Black Women Shaping Feminist Theory" by: bell hooks.

Season 6 (Philosophdish-season, also known as: SPIVAK IS CURRY - SEASON!)

18.12.2012 Enlightenment Hearts has an "Uprice RisottoZine" and reads: "The Soul at Work" by: Franco "Bifo" Berardi and chapter 4: "The Precarious Soul" 2009.

14.11.2012 Enlightenment Hearts has an "All ugly feelingZine" and reads: "Merely Interesting" by: Sianne Ngai from an issue of "Critical Inquiry" 2010.

23.10.2012 Enlightenment Hearts has an "Glittering enlightened dog-heart" and reads: "The Companion Species Manifesto Dogs People and Significant Otherness" by: Donna Haraway

09.10.2012 Enlightenment Hearts has a "Kitter Kochkunst" and reads: "Gramophone, Film, Typewriter" by: Friedrich Kittler.

25.09.2012 Enlightenment Hearts has a "Belgian cuiZINE" and reads: "Reclaiming Animism" by: Isabelle Stengers.

18.09.2012 Enlightenment Hearts has a "Caribbean disCOURSE" and reads: 2 chapters from "The Black Beach" by: Edourd Glissant.

Season 5 (The orientation of the hearts)

21.05.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Behold The Non-rabbit' and the chapter 'Laurelle' by: Ray Brassier

21.05.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'What Is an Apparatus?' last chapter, by: Giorgio Agamben

08.05.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads the introduction to: Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left, by: Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, and Slavoj Žižek (2000)

23.04.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: How to do things with words, by: J.L. Austin (1955)

17.04.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: Ein Ding Ist ein Thing - A (Philosophical) Platform for a Left (European) Party, by: Bruno Latour (1999)

10.04.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads:'The Strategy of Refusal' by: Mario Tronti (1965)

03.04.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: a section from 'The System Of Objects' (Garap) p.10-28 by: Jean Baudrillard (1968)

27.03.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Marx and the philosophy of time' by: Peter Osborn (2008)

20.03.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: a chapter from 'History of Shit' (Make Up) p.96-117 by: Dominique Laporte (2000)

13.03.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Intentional Objects for Non-Humans' by: Graham Harman (2008)

06.03.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Laziness as the truth of mankind' by: Kazimir Malevich 'The praise of laziness' by: Mladen Stilinovic and 'The project horizon: On the temporality of making' by: Bojana Kunst (2011)

Season 4 (Rainbow Reading)

BROWN 28.02.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'A phenomenology of whiteness' by: Sara Ahmed 

PURPLE 14.02.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Psychadelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines' by: Terence McKenna

BLUE 07.02.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Populism and the Empowering Circulation of Myths' by: Yves Citton

GREEN 31.01.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Human Condition' (Action) by: Hanna Arendt

YELLOW 24.01.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Art Without Work' by: Anton Vidokle

ORANGE 17.01.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads:'Feminist Engagement with Matter' by: Myra J. Hird

RED 10.01.2012 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Ecology of Practice and Technology of Belonging' by: Isabelle Stengers

Season 3 (Pasta Season)

06.12.2011 Enlightenment Hearts seasonal final!!! Deconstruction of a pasta season, Jacques Derrida film from 2003 to be screened and a cut up session of texts read in the season.

22.11.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Stanzas' chapters 7,8 and 9 by: Georgio Agamben

09.11.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Potentiality' by: Georgio Agamben

18.10.2011 + 25.10.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'The Great Caliban -The Struggle Against the Rebel Body' by: Silvia Federici (2005)

11.10.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspectives', pp. 575–599, 1988 by: Donna Haraway

04.10.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Inspiration' by: Peter Sloterdijk

20.09.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'What Is an Apparatus?' by: Giorgio Agamben

14.09.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Is it Possible to Reconstruct the Research Process - Sociology of a Brain Peptide' by: Bruno Latour

31.08.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'The Good of Work' by: Liam Gillick

Season 2 (Pina Colada Season)

19.07.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Politics of Affects - Transversal Conviviality' by: Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez

19.07.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'What is an author' by: Michelle Foucault

12.07.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Politics and passions the stakes of democracy' by: Chantal Mouffe

05.07.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'For space' (Slices through space) by: Doreen Massey

14.06.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Are prisons obsolete?' (Imprisonment and Reform) by: Angela Davis

07.06.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Smuggling -An Embodied criticality' by: Irit Rogoff

31.05.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Fish Story' by: Allan Sekula

16.05.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'The Visible & The Invisible' pp. 130-55 in the 1968 translation by: Merleau Ponty

10.05.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'The Practice Of Everyday Life' by: Michel de Certeau

03.05.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Invisible Cities' by: Italo Calvino

26.04.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Regulating Aversion' (Tolerance As a Discourse of Depoliticization) by: Wendy Brown

12.04.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'The Scene of a Flight' by: Georges Perec

05.04.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Pierre Menard' by: Jorge Luis Borges

Season 1 (Soup Season)

29.03.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory' by: Judith Butler

22.03.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads the conclusion from: 'Difference Repetition' by: Gilles Deleuze

15.03.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Difference Repetition' by: Gilles Deleuze

08.03.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads a chapter from: 'Architecture from the outside' (The Great Caliban The Struggle Against the Rebel Body) by: Elizabeth Grosz

01.03.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads two chapter from: 'The Telephone Book' (The Televisual Metaphysics and Derrida to Freud) by: Avital Ronell

22.02.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Mirror Stage, as formative of the function of the I as revealed in psychoanalytic experience' by: Jacques Lacan

15.02.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Specific Objects' by Donald Judd

08.02.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'The Primacy of Perception and Its Philosophical Consequences' by: Maurice Merleau-Ponty

01.02.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: A chapter from the book 'Violence' by: Slavoj Zizek

25.01.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: 'Immaterial Labour' by: Maurizio Lazzarato

18.01.2011 Enlightenment Hearts reads: A chapter from 'Being and Time' by Martin Heidegger.

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