A Form of an Object (with Sam Kennedy) (2011) is set in a school environment and consisted of a heavy bronze sculpture, a mini replica of the Leeds born artist Henry Moore sculpture Reclining Woman: Elbow (1981) that was covered up during the student occupation in Leeds. The principal (Simone Wonnacott) of Leeds College of Art – where the exhibition took place – was contracted to wear the sculpture during the exhibition period. In order to see the work, students of the school and visitors had to make an appointment with the principal. A Form of an Object was designed as a conversation object that would reroute visitors to the point of power (principal office). Additionally it was an “objection” of the exhibition space, which only displayed the contract. Our intention was to use art as a way to close the gap between the administration and the users (the unpaid workers, i.e. the students), as this is a gap that is growing larger as schools are turning more into businesses.

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