Home Works – A Cooking Book: Recipes for Organising with Art and Domestic Work (2021) expands on cooking with art and food as a process for coming together and building collectivity. The book highlights the art and politics of eating together through a number of artistic, curatorial and tasty dinner recipes. Recipes that nourish and nurture conversations around domestic labour, collaborative practices and feminist politics, expanded upon through a series of essays and interviews.

The recipes were learnt during the cooking of Home Works; a research and exhibition programme investigating domestic labour and the politics of the home, hosted by the art space Konsthall C in Stockholm 2015-2017.

Home Works – A Cooking Book is a tool for everyone that wants to use art to challenge what work we value and how work is organised.

Without further ado...let’s cook!

Editor: Jenny Richards, Jens Strandberg

Author: Samira Ariadad, Jonna Bornemark, Marie Ehrenbåge, Silvia Federici, Sandi Hilal, Dady de Maximo, Temi Odumosu, Jenny Richards and Jens Strandberg, Khasrow Hamid Othman, Halla Þórlaug Óskarsdóttir

Graphic: Johnny Chang and Louise Khadjeh-Nassiri, based on the Home Works graphic profile by Maryam Fanni and Rikard Heberling

Artist: Stephan Dillemuth, Hildur Hákonardóttir, Gunilla Lundahl, Ciara Phillips, Kristina Schultz, Nathalie Wuerth

Gubbängsutredningen fortsätter (2019) 

Gubbängsutredningen fortsätter (in Swedish) is a hand book that encourage the reader to build the future city with your neighbours. It includes exercises for DIY whittling workshops, artistic city walks, how to create your own community centre, debates and cooking workshops. It also includes a series of essays around city planning, architecture, art and neighbourhood democracy. The research for the book is based on Bomassan (see works) – a self organised housing fair – that took place in Söderort (southern part of Stockholm) 2017-2018.

Editor: Jens Strandberg
Design: Oli Svenblad
Contributions: Samira Ariadad, Håkan Forsell, Pernilla Hagbert, Per Hasselberg, Elof Hellström, Bernd Krauß, Tor Lindstrand, Gunilla Lundahl, Stina Nyberg, Sandra Oliveira e Costa, Zoë Poluch, Lisen Rosell, Spridd Arkitekter, Nina Svensson, Nazem Tahvilzadeh, Moa Tunström, Sofia Wiberg and many more.
Language: Swedish
Pages: 352
Published by: Dokument Press

Always, Already, Haunting, "Disss-co," Haunt (2019)

Exhibition catalogue. 

Text: Emergency Ectoplasmic Exodus, Rejected Material (Take 3)

Womens Day Off – Domestic Labour, Collectivity, Feminism & Migration (2017) (with Jenny Richards) is publication that summarise a collaborative network across the Nordic Region initiated in 2015 between The Living Art Museum, Iceland (Nýló), Centre for Art and Migration Politics, Denmark (CAMP) and Konsthall C, Sweden. The network developed from the symposium Women’s Day Off which was held at Konsthall C and invited each organisation to present their projects and research connected to women’s struggle and collective mobilisation. The book brings together three like-minded organisations to open up a discussion around how we can collectivise today for a more equal society, from both a gender, class and race perspective.

Editors: Jenny Richards and Jens Strandberg

Contributions: Samira Ariadad, Casco team, Hildur Hákonardóttir, Dady de Maximo, Jenny Richards, Jens Strandberg, Auður Styrkársdóttir, Halla Þórlaug

Texts Not Necessarily Meant to be Viewed as Art
Editors: Roger von Reybekiel and Julie Cirelli
Graphic Design: Martin Falck
Published in November 2016 by Konstfack Collection

Texts Not Necessarily Meant to be Viewed as Art is a book by Roger von Reybekiel that explores how contemporary artists use text in their creative processes. The project and publication focuses on artists’ writing and examines the thoughts, ideas, and techniques that structure an artwork. The publication features thirty Nordic and international contemporary artists and writers that have contributed examples of how text informs their processes.

Text: Rejected Immaterials

Contributors: Emanuel Almborg, Kari Altmann, Cory Arcangel, Darren Bader, J.K. Bergstrand-Doley, Magnus Bärtås, Annabell Chin, Di_Twins (Anna Rokka and Rut Karin Zettergren),Victoria Durnak, Jens Evaldsson, Lucie Fontaine, Ingrid Furre, Andreas Fägerskiöld, Tamara Henderson, Anna Kinbom, Pella Kågerman, Audun Mortensen, Magdalena Nordin, Olia Lialina, Marcus Lindeen, Hanne Lippard, Mara Lee, Lina Persdotter Carlsson, Pia Sandström, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Anna Uddenberg, Tris Vonna-Michell, Emily Wardill and Olav Westphalen.

Cover Story (2011) is a book made with Maryam Fanni. The book documents a triology of work made in collaboration with other artists.

2012 F.A.Q – Konstfack School Paper, by: Ebba Forslind, Gustaf From, Evelina Kroon-Sandberg, Tomas Nilsson, Marcus Gunnar Pettersson, Minna Sakaria, Nike Spengler, Miia Vallius, Daniel Wasmuth and Jeff Östberg

Text: Letter Refused

Erosion (2012)

By Hostel Gallery (text: The Hills), tabloid paper (available for purchase, 70 SEK, please contact mail(at)hostelgallery.com) and pdf (free download). 

Works by: Linus Andersson; Artem Christiansson; Tove El; Johan Eldrot; Jon Vogt Engeland; The Hills; Ida Bakke Kristiansen; Lina Kruopyte; Vilda Kvist; Erik Larsson; Marysia Lewandowska; Stockholm Review; TIR; Bernard Walsh

Enlightenment Hearts Cooking Compendium issue#2 – Melted Ice-cream, why is there sand in my Pina Colada?
(Self published)

This is the second compendium of Enlightenment Hearts. Relive the memories of ice cream, discursive politics and swimming in sea!

In other words: don’t drink and drive! drink and read!

Commissioned drinks:

  1. Lime Zirma
  2. Juniper-Beer
  3. Seaweed (Sekula version)
  4. Embodied Vodka
  5. Equality Drink
  6. Toddy ala Cognac Kürbis
  7. Shandy (Shandygaff)


“Receipts and essays in a mixed bowl.”

Enlightenment Hearts Cooking Compendium, it's a soup Issue #1


  1. Potaje de Garbanzos – a chickpea stew or soup
  2. Immaterial Curried Lentil Soup- No Work, No Soul, No Soup
  3. Zuppa di Patate, Zucchini, e Menta
  4. Potato Leek Perception
  5. Thai Coconut Curry Lentil Soup c/o Healthy Living Blog
  6. Verdens Beste Suppe (Som Er En Kremet Gulrotsuppe)
  7. Authentic French Onion Soup Courtesy of Julia Child
  8. Green Pea Soup
  9. Sweet Potato Carrot Soup
  10. I would like some carrots with my ginger
  11. Butternut Squash soup

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